Only the Beginning Cosmic Assets

- Pool Ticker: COSMC -

Cardano Pool Ticker
Est. November 2020
We are early adopters of blockchain technology based out of the Pacific NorthWest and are excited to push Cardano Community to new heights!
Pool Margin 2.5%
Minimum 340 ADA Maitence Fee
Pool ID: c473846af5dfa3d56d2bdb765d8a2835be6dcc5c70be5cc4ff136a45

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Join the Future of Money!

What we Prioritize

-99.9% Node Uptime
-Consistancy, no surprises.
-Full Transparency with Delegators
-Contributing to the Network
-Growing the Community
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Lets Built a New World Together

One where everyone is in control of their money, their identity, their future, their life.


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Based in the USA
Time Zone: PST
Cosmic Assests LLC